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Your wedding day is all about you, showing your friends and family your commitment to each other and celebrating your big day with one big party!


Sometimes though not everyone will know your Love Story and how it all began, so why not have your very own wedding magazine and tell your Love Story in style.


Bottled Love's truely unique magazine is a great way to involve your guests and get them chatting, sharing a few laughs and memories of the bride and groom.


The magazine content is totally up to you, we would simply design your magazine to meet your requirements.


What you might want to include:


  • How you met

  • Where you got engaged

  • How he proposed

  • Your favourite memories

  • Holidays together

  • Funny stories


We think its a great surprise for your guests to look through when there might be some down time, during photos or after dinner and it is guaranteed to get them all chatting and the best way to show them how it all began.


Have a click through the images above to view our magazine.

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