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Ordering your items with Bottled Love couldn't be easier. The first step is to take a look at all the designs on the site and get an idea of what designs you love. If you are super confident of which design you would like and on what paper then simply send an email with your order details. If you'd like a closer look at the designs and paper options then why not order a sample pack? details of ordering a sample can be found below. Or get in touch to set up a meeting at my studio. Once you have your samples then simply contact for a quote, giving info such as numbers required for each item.  Your first quote is only a starting point, if numbers of items go up or down then just let me know and I can adjust your quote accordingly.  A small deposit is required before the design process gets going, with the final balance settled upon before final printing.


You will receive a final PDF proof of your design.  From PDF proof approval to delivery is 10 - 14 days.  The time it takes before final proofing depends on your requirements in the design.



Payment is made via online transfer. Payment details are found on your invoice.




Sure do, simply send an email requesting a price list and one will be emailed straight back.




Deliveries are made all across the UK.  There is a standard shipping fee of £15 per order.




If you are planning on sending out Save The Date Cards then these can be sent out up to a year in advance.  These cards are becomming increasingly popular and just gives your guests a good bit of notice to get days off, babysitters, dogwalkers etc.


I recommend that you should order your wedding stationery at least six months before the big day, however if you are super organsied then the earlier the better. From final proof approval to delivery is 10 - 14 days.  The time it takes before final proofing depends on your design requirements.  Please take this into account when sorting your dates.


I also would suggest sending out your invites around two months before your wedding date.  This is just to give your guests time to organise their travel plans if needed, sort out any accomodation needed and get their outfits sorted.




When it comes to invitations keep in mind you won't need one invite per guest.  Sometimes one invite per family/household or one invite per couple attending will do just fine.  Once your guest list is organised and you know how many invites you need, I highly recommend to add an extra five or ten to your invites and RSVP order. You'll be surprised how many extra guests pop up when it comes to writting the invites.  It also gives you some room for error when writting your invites.




When it comes to the final design stage you will receive a PDF proof of your design.  When you receive this I recommend printing a copy of each item out to give you a better idea of font sizes, spacing and general layout.


When proofing your design you should check that these things are correct:


  • Spelling- make sure everything is spelt correctly, names, dates, venue are all how they should be.

  • Times - make sure that the times on your invites for the ceremony and evening reception are correct as well as RSVP date.

  • Wording - make sure that you are happy with the wording of your invites, RSVP and other items ordered.


If all is correct then the next stage is printing and the exciting wait until you receive your order.


I can't accept responsibilty for any mistakes after final proof approval so please check carefully over all details in your order.




If you are a little undecided on what design you want most or would like to see the different paper options, samples can be ordered to give you a helping hand.


Samples come in the form of an Invitation Card, maximum of three designs.  Samples can be chosen from the existing designs available and Invitations come as worded on the designs you see on this site. Please email to order samples. Should you require more than three samples then there will be an additional cost for this.


There is a small £5 cost plus delivery to order a sample pack.



Unfortunately due to Covid 19 I have had to give up my amazing little studio therefore appointments would be via telephone.